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VARACOM Jaya Mandiri
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Digital Recorder
  • No phone number, hard to search
  • Single line use only, impossible for commercial or secured purpose
  • Recording time is limited
PC Based Voice Logger
  • Huge, space wasted, hard to install
  • A powerful industrial PC used only for voice logger, waste of resources
  • High priced, high barrier for users
AR Series Voice Logger
  • Real voice logger, not assembled by PC
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Affordable price, suitable for all kinds of business and organizations
  • Up-to-date technology combines networking, powerful yet easy to use

Cassette Phone Recorder
  • No phone number, no time stamp, difficult to search records
  • Recording time is limited, need to change the tapes all the time
  • Magnetic tapes are hard to store for long

Telephone Recorders
DK Series :
  • DK2-D Handsfree, Large LCD Display
  • DK2-DB Handsfree, Bluetooth Headset Interface,
             Large LCD Display
  • DK3-D Handsfree, LCD
  • DK3-B Handsfree (Intercom Only)
  • DK1-D Handsfree, LCD Display
  • DK1-S Handsfree
  • DK2-DSS 66 Button DSS Console
  • DK1-DSS 60 Button DSS Console
  • DK-ACP Access Control Phone
  • DK-DPU1 Digital Doorphone Unit
  • Up to 640 RoomsAutomated AttendantDay GreetingNight Greeting
  • Lunch GreetingHoliday GreetingVoice MessagingGuest Mailbox
  • Admin MailboxPassword ControlAuto WakeupWakeup Call History
  • Custom Wakeup MessagesMessage WaitingDo Not Disturb
  • Least Cost RoutingT1/E1 & ISDNProperty Mgmt Interface
  • Check InCheck OutRoom StatusToll ControlCall Accounting
  • Call Credit Limit

DK Features