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  • Ruko Plaza Dinasty Griya Jogja Jl. Ibrahin Adzie No.175 B.8 (Fly-Over Kiaracondong) Bandung. Kode Pos : 40283
  • Phone : (022) 727 96 18 / 720 16 91   Fax   : (022) 723 50 40
              FWT : 0828 190 3000 8  /  08510 555 44 55  /  0889 2816 400
                               Support 24 Hour Call On service :
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ISDN PRI & T1/E1 Capable
Digital trunking services for improved call flow

The TDS Series allows small, medium and large companies
the ability to interface to the outside world by utilizing ISDN
digital trunking services. ISDN provides Direct Inward
Dialing to employees and inherent caller id as
well as fast call set up speeds.
Small businesses may opt for a fractional
PRI, cost effectively for as little as 5 or 6
outside lines. Service providers may
supply your business state of the art
PRI channels and give you additional
bandwidth for VOIP and web hosting
capability through the use of a channel
service unit. Once the ISDN interface
card has been installed in your TDS Series
system, you have the capability to grow up
to 23 voice channels!
Medium to large sized customers may equip
the TDS system with a full PRI supporting up to 23
channels and then add additional channels and cards as
requirements and growth demand.
Service, Installation, Traning, Maintenance, Consulting
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